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Small groups
Small groups


Workshops usually last two days and are a highly interactive, intense mix of lectures, discussions, assignments, and question & answer sessions. Participants analyse both published papers and their own papers (or research proposals / grant applications).  Workshops are usually organized as separate activities, sometimes as part of a larger skills development program.


The events are held at your institution which keeps travel costs and time down for you. By using your institution’s resources, such as rooms, equipment and catering services, the overhead is also kept to a minimum. Participants receive a preparatory email before the event, and a dedicated reader and certificate upon successful completion (except the seminar). Materials are in English.


Since the workshops focus on the structure and not on the content of papers, researchers from a broad range of research areas can participate, including marketing, innovation, management, organization design, strategy, finance, human resource management, information systems, operations management, and economics. Experience has shown that the workshops are less suited for academics writing very formal and/or mathematical papers.


 Event Title  Goal Event Type* Duration
 1. Basics of Academic Writing
 2. Academic Writing
 3. Advanced Academic  Writing
 4. Mastering Academic Writing
 5. Getting Academic Papers Published
 Improving publishing skills Workshop
2 days
2 days
2 days
2 days
2 hours
 6. Finishing your Paper  Writing a paper Writing Camp 1 week
 7. Effective Academic Research  Improving research skills Workshop 2 days
 8. Grant Applications  Acquiring research funding Workshop 2 days
 9. Academic Talent Development  Preparing junior academics Workshop 2 days
 10. Academic Coaching  Enabling individual academics Coaching 1+ days

* Event type characteristics:

  • Workshop: interactive, small group (max 14), learning & training
  • Masterclass: interactive, medium group (max 32), learning & analyzing
  • Seminar: lecture style, large group (no max), learning
  • Writing Camp: interactive, small group (max 14), doing (writing)
  • Coaching: individual 1:1 sessions, 8 sessions of 45 minutes each

Below you find a short description of each event, please contact us for more detailed descriptions.


This workshop is for researchers with limited experience in writing papers for major academic journals. Topics include: what makes a paper interesting, academic paper quality, article structure, defining a contribution, providing convincing evidence, understanding the hierarchy of journals, and developing a publication plan. (case material: published articles from your own field; 2 day workshop)


Building on the ‘Basics of Academic Writing’ workshop, this workshop aims at researchers with some journal publishing experience who aim for higher level journals. Topics include: identifying publishable parts of completed research projects, converting research into papers, positioning the paper, developing an effective paper structure, designing a compelling introduction, and writing the main sections. (case material: your own paper; 2 day workshop)


Building on the ‘Academic Writing’ workshop, this workshop enables participants to assess and improve their writing skills by analyzing their own papers in terms of content, readability and publication strategy. Topics include: strengthening the paper’s positioning and content sections, assessing and improving the paper’s readability, journal selection, surviving the review process, and getting citations. (case material: your own paper; 2 day workshop)


This masterclass has three main aims. First, what makes a paper valuable and interesting for an academic journal? Second, what is the best strategy to write a paper? How to start and how to ensure progress? Third, how to make an article fit a journal? How to build on previous research and design a compelling introduction? (case material: published articles from your own field; 2 day event)


Major academic journals have an acceptance rate of 10 percent, or less. What could make your paper to be ‘that one’? A better paper is not always a better study. Often, a better paper presents its core message in a more effective way, and is the product of a more skilled author. Since skills can be trained, this interactive seminar discusses how to increase the success rate of academic papers.  (1 - 2 hour seminar)


The Writing Camp enables participants to finish their paper and to prepare journal submission. The participants need to have a draft paper that requires final polishing before submitting it to a journal or conference. The event allows researchers to write their paper without distractions. In a structured and supervised manner, participants develop and implement ideas to complete their article. (case material: your own paper; one week workshop)


This workshop enables researchers to further improve their academic research skills. Its output oriented approach assumes that the ultimate goal of a study is to produce paper(s) for academic journals. Topics include relating research and publishing, getting focus in the project, reviewing literature to find promising knowledge gaps, and designing the qualitative or quantitative study. (case material: your own research project; 2 day workshop)


Academic research is often sponsored by external partners, such as governments, research institutions, and businesses. Participants improve their skills in acquiring research funding and managing sponsored research projects. The workshop focuses on both content (what are the elements of a grant application?) and form (how to write the document to maximize the probability of getting funding?). (case material: your own grant application; 2 day workshop)


What does it take to become successful in academia? This workshop aims at researchers in the starting phases of their academic career. Participants are guided along three lines: What skills are needed in academia? How good are your current skills? How to get better skills? During the workshop, participants develop concrete ideas for skills improvement, culminating in their Personal Academic Development Plan. (2 day workshop)


Personal and professional growth comes from periodic, guided reflection. Coaching is helpful for both junior and senior academics as it involves clarifying goals, reviewing the present, exploring the future, and breaking patterns. This service consists of intense and confidential talks with an experienced and informed coach, who acts as a compassionate but challenging sounding board. The talks are in person or via Skype. (one day, 1:1 meetings, 8 slots of 45 minutes each)

Possible topics for additional services

Training in presenting research at international conferences. Assisting universities in developing, evaluating and/or further improving PhD/academic development programs.