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Our services are led by Dr. Eelko Huizingh. 



Dr Huizingh has been active in academic publishing for over 30 years and is a prolific writer with over 350 publications in top journals, professional publications, columns, text books and blogs. His papers cover a wide range of methodologies, including conceptual papers, case studies and empirical (statistical) papers. Eelko has edited more than 30 Special Issues of academic journals and reviewed innumerous papers for journals and conferences. He is also a trained coach. At his university, he is assigned the formal role of coach to help other (junior and senior) researchers to get the best out of their talents.

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Eelko's publications are not limited to academic writing, moreover he is a keen poet and photographer. His creative output demonstrates his fascination with the process of identifying, capturing and conveying messages convincingly.


Eelko is affiliated with the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, where he is Associate Professor of Innovation Management, and Director of the Innovation Centre of Expertise Vinci. His research focuses on the intersection of innovation, marketing and information technology. He is also Director of Scientific Affairs of ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management). His duties include heading the Scientific Panel that carries out the review of conference submissions, and heading the ISPIM PhD Dissertation Award Panel.