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Building Competencies

Achieving academic success. 


Getting papers accepted at (major) academic journals is crucial for academic performance. The acceptance letter is often the end of a long journey. The journey starts with acquiring research funding, and designing and executing the study, followed by writing the paper and maneuvering through the review process. Most academic researchers acquire the skills needed for this journey through trial and error. However, academic research and academic writing skills are the result of talent, know how, and experience.  This implies that effective training can improve such skills.


Huizingh Academic Development offers the workshops to develop and practice high level academic research and academic writing skills. Many researchers face similar challenges. How to get research funding? How to identify the most promising issues to study? How to convert findings into papers? How to structure the paper into a smooth and compelling story? How to select an appropriate journal? How to survive the review process? Applying the right tips & tricks improves and speeds up the publication process.


Our workshops are a proven and effective means to build these skills. The workshops are intense and full-time events. They are a mix of teaching and training, including lectures, assignments, discussions and question & answer sessions. The participants bring their own research proposals or papers to the workshop, so they can analyze and reflect upon their own work. To keep the workshops highly interactive and to ensure individual attention, the workshops have a limited number of participants.


The workshops differentiate themselves from other training courses by analyzing issues from the reviewer’s point of view. What contents would a reviewer expect in a section? What structure would a reviewer prefer? What evidence would convince a reviewer? What need authors to do to acquire acceptance? We can offer these unique insights based on our extensive personal experience in top level academic publishing, as both an author, reviewer, and editor.

"An unpublished paper is an unwritten paper."


Researchers are expected to have a rich set of skills nowadays, including writing grant applications, designing research projects, managing research projects, presenting results, and writing academic papers. These tasks involve a lot of balancing. Research projects have to fulfill the needs of both the sponsors to get funded and of the academic community to get published. Converting research findings into academic papers takes a thorough understanding of what the findings contribute to current knowledge. It also requires the author to understand and follow the standards and subtleties of academic writing. Huizingh Academic Development provides the teaching and training to acquire the necessary skills for successful grant application, academic research, and academic writing. In short: for a successful academic career.

"Writing is both organizing your own thoughts and sharing experiences with others."


In many universities and countries funding is becoming more and more related to research output. Research grants are easier gained when a research group can show an impressive track record. This implies that the viability of research groups depends upon the quantity and quality of both the grant applications and the academic papers the staff is producing. Writing successful grant applications, designing and managing research projects, completing PhD projects on time, and getting papers published in top level academic journals require the right set of talent and skills. Since skills can be trained, it makes sense to invest in training the academic research and academic writing skills of your staff.

"The acceptance of a paper depends on both the quality of research, and the quality of presentation."